About Connections

Dr. Ray Castellino and midwife Mary Jackson offer support to parents and their babies from the prenatal period to around 6-9 months outside the womb. They are focusing on this time period because they feel the work is most effective at the very beginning of life.

Mary also has a private practice for all ages for both in-person and phone support. Mary has a midwifery practice and supports families not in her practice through the childbearing process. For more on Mary's private practice, please see www.birthinconnection.com.

About Mary and Ray

Mary Jackson LM, RN, RCST® is a midwife with almost 40 years experience. She is a leader in her field and has delivered over 2500 babies in the Santa Barbara, Ventura, South Coast area. She is currently co-leading the Castellino Prenatal and Birth Training with Ray. She is a Craniosacral Therapist. She is a frequent guest speaker at midwifery, natural birthing, APPPAH and other conferences and is featured in numerous films. Mary is married and the mother of a an adult son and daughter. See her website for www.birthinconnection.com

Ray Dr. Ray Castellino, DC (ret), RPP, RPE, RCST® is the director of Castellino Prenatal and Birth Trainings; Co-founder and Clinic Director of BEBA (Building and Enhancing Bonding and Attachment) a non-profit research clinic for babies, children and families. He is an internationally known trainer, clinical researcher and author in the field of prenatal and birth therapy for families with infants and children, and for adults. See his websites for Castellino Training and BEBA. He is adjunct faculty at the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. He is a frequent presenter for the Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health international congresses, the Craniosacral Association of North America and the California Association of Midwives. He has designed and teaches a two-year training program for health care professionals that he began in 1995. The Castellino Training is now in it's 9th cycle. In addition, he is a photographer who specializes in birth, infant and family photography. Ray is the father of two and grandfather of one. His son is in his late 40s and his daughter is in her late 30s.

Mary Jackson and Ray Castellino have joined forces to present a program to prepare couples for conception, birth, and to support families during birth and the postpartum period. Their goal is to support babies and their families to have the best possible beginning with no interventions and the highest degree of connection, love and bonding. They are experts in the field of newborn self-attachment, and have developed a new approach to establish breastfeeding and resolve breastfeeding challenges. Together they have over 80 years of experience.

Services Offered

All clients in Mary's midwifery practice are offered a session with Mary and Ray, usually in preparation for the birth. The charge for this is included in Mary's regular midwifery fee. Additional session can be requested for a fee (see below). Most sessions include Craniosacral Therapy and different forms of gentle bodywork as well as opportunity to explore emotional issues. The prenatal sessions take place in Oak View at Mary's home. Post birth sessions can happen at home if during the first few weeks, or at Mary's home if later. Postnatal sessions concentrate on breastfeeding, sleep, etc. as needed. Sessions vary in length from 50 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Mary's and Ray's services include:

  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Pre conception coaching
  • Prenatal coaching
  • Home visits right after baby is born
  • Post natal visits
  • New parent telephone support for families with infants 3 months and younger
  • Photographic and video services of these events for families

Services include support for:

  • Preparation for Conception
  • The prenatal period
  • Developing and using effective communication skills with medical practitioners so that clients can get what they need for themselves and their babies from their health care providers.
  • Preparation for Birth
  • Preparation for Vaginal Birth After Caesarian Section (VBAC)
  • Labor support at home, birth center or hospital
  • Resolving cranial molding and other physiological imprints from birth in the infant
  • Establishing healthy easy breastfeeding habits
  • Structural realignment for mom and dad
  • Recovering from challenging births
  • Newborn constipation
  • Preventing or recovering from post partum depression
  • Parents and babies with sleeping challenges
  • Feeding challenges
  • Families preparing for and recovering from infant surgery
  • Families experiencing infant hospitalizations
  • Post NICU recovery
  • Recovering from breast feeding difficulties
  • Establishing breast feeding even after several weeks

Educational Services:

  • Ray and Mary are available to jointly and individually give presentations. Joint presentations are available through About Connections.
  • Products for sale - educational videos and slide shows.

DVD Videos and Slideshows:

  • Family Products:
    • DVD video slideshows of prenatal, birth and postnatal visits
    • DVD ROM files of photos for reproduction
    • Birth videos
  • Educational Products:
    • DVD videos
    • DVD video slideshows

Logistical Information


The cost of both private in-person and phone sessions is determined by the number of minutes of the actual session. Sessions are typically one to one and a half hours long. Longer sessions are possible to arrange.

The cost of sessions with Mary and Ray together, other than those included in Mary's midwifery package, if paid by check or cash is $6.00/min which works out to $360 per hour. So a session with Mary and Ray typically costs $450 (75 min)-$540 (90 min). There is an extra charge for home visits and for using a credit card. Checks are made separately to Mary Jackson and Raymond Castellino. Payment is due at the end of the session, so please bring 2 checks with you. Ray, but not Mary, can accept credit cards for an additional 5%. If you plan to use a credit card for paying Ray, please bring a check for Mary and talk to Sandra ahead of time if you want to know the breakdown of charges. Please note, we charge a $25 fee for all returned checks, even if they clear upon redepositing. Please make sure you have adequate funds in your account to cover your checks. Thank you.

Booking an Appointment

Mary can be contacted directly for sessions with her and Ray and with her alone. They often work together because they feel they are more effective as a team in certain situations.

  • To make an appointment in Oak View at Mary's home with Mary or with Mary and Ray, please call Mary Jackson at 805 649-3063.


Mary's home in Oak View. Contact Mary for specific address and directions:


Once you've made an appointment, please fill in the forms below.

We prefer to receive these forms before you come to the appointment. You can mail, deliver, fax, or email them. The normal procedure is to email a copy of all your forms to Mary who will print them for Mary and Ray. You can fax directly to Mary at 805 649-5418. The address for emailing them is mjmidwife@gmail.com. If you email it, please email a MS Word document, not scanned images, and please bold your answers so we can tell them apart from the questions more easily. We cannot accept forms in word processing formats other than MS Word (e.g. WordPerfect, MS Works, Pages, or AppleWorks). If you cannot send them in advance because you are coming soon after you call, you can bring them with you to the appointment. Ray and Mary will read them before seeing you.

Please fill in and return:

  • 1 form for each parent:
    • MS Word (to download, fill in, and return by email as an attached Word document)
    • PDF (to print, fill in by hand, and fax or mail)
  • 1 form for each child, including any children born to either parent and the preborn child in the womb (for a child in the womb, please fill in the conception, discovery and prenatal part of the form):

      Make sure you have filled in all contact information

    • MS Word (to download, fill in, and return by email as an attached Word document)
    • PDF (to print, fill in by hand, and fax or mail)

Or if you are not coming with children (either present or expected), please fill in and return:

If you are in partnership with someone who is not the parent, please fill in forms for both the parent and the partner.

If you are adopting, please fill in parent forms for yourselves, the adopting parent(s) as well as forms for the birth parents. If you don't have much information, please fill in what you know. You may also write answers to questions not included such as why you adopted, what you explored before, your experience with the adopting agency.