Anna Chitty's 5-Day Introduction to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Ojai, CA - Dates in late 2018 to be determined

This meets the requirement for applying to the Castellino Foundation Training and is open to anyone else who wants to study with Anna.

This is a rare opportunity.

Anna seldom does introductory workshops in c/s work AND she is an absolutely outstanding teacher / being / presence. In this workshop she will focus on awareness of the deeper rhythms within ourselves and between ourselves and others – a skill that will enhance our lives on every level.

Even those who are already quite familiar with the tides can benefit from this since Anna’s particular presence and skills allow all to deepen into their own skills.

Anna draws from her extensive background in bodywork, energy studies, group dynamics, listening/verbal skills, etc.

Anna  comments on how C/S changed her life:

“It gave me an understanding of how I’m impacting any situation, where I’m coming from. It helped me deepen into the depth of myself and be able to rest there and come from there whenever I’m working with someone or doing my life.

Its given me skills to practice to become more mindful, to become more aware - a very kinesthetic sense of where I am – as our bodies are relating to each other.

It’s a reflective tool. I learn to reflect to the client. We reflect together. We create a mutual evolving dyad. That’s the real magic! It is not me as practitioner doing something to the client, more the process of how our 2 fields interact and create a deeper presence that really works on both of us, that can be trusted to do the work.”

Who would benefit

  • Any therapist, whether bodyworkers or people who don’t touch their clients.
  • Anyone wanting a tool to measure what kind of impact they are having on others
  • Anyone wanting to improve relationship skills
  • Parents hoping to improve their connection with their children
  • Anyone wanting to understand harmonic resonance between people in dyads to groups.


The focus is on interactive exercises which build skills from the inside out, which give the participant a felt sense of their own and others’ deepest rhythms.

This experiential understanding will be supplemented with discussions, diagrams and playing with balloons (as the head).

Designed to enhance your skills in:

  • Deepening, centering and grounding yourself and bringing that into relationship such that the deeper rhythms can arise in another person, so that their health can come forward and you are able to reflect that in such a way as they are able to begin to heal themselves.
  • Tracking somatic, energetic and fluid tide rhythms in yourself, in others and in relationship – whether touching or not
  • Developing/deepening practitioner skills of presence, relationship, connection, communication, listening, reflecting
  • Improving skills in touch, palpation, feeling subtle movement
  • Recognizing sensations, movement, responses, pacing, resonance (and lack of)
  • Trusting the process to create the healing opportunity

You will also learn

  • Anatomy of the inside of the head and how the ventricles and fluid system work.
  • A protocol that is powerful enough to be an effective tool to use with friends and family or in your practice.

Slideshow for c/s Introduction

About the Facilitation Team

Image of Anna

Anna Chitty, BCST, RPP, SEP, ABD

Co-owner and co-operator of the Colorado School of Energy Studies, Anna has over three and a half decades experience as a therapist and teacher, exploring the interface between body, emotions, mind and consciousness, through many disciplines including Polarity Therapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Pre- and Peri-Natal Therapy, the Diamond Approach, Matrixworks Leadership, and the wisdom traditions of Peru and India. She is also a frequent presenter at national conferences.

Anna has extensive experience in group dynamics. She has served as a group facilitator for the Somatic Psychology Masters Program at Naropa University, as a group leader for the Matrixworks Leadership training in group dynamics, and a supervision counselor for the Ergos Institute Somatic Experiencing post-graduate program.

(Read full curriculum vitae).


3-5 outstanding assistants will support Anna. The number of assistants will depend on the size of the class.

Anna’s Connection to Ray and Sandra Castellino

Our connection to Anna goes back 30 years.

Anna, Ray and Sandra were all Polarity Therapists and teachers, starting in the 1970s for the Castellinos and 80s for Anna. Anna first studied biodynamic craniosacral work with Franklyn Sills (and Ray Castellino who was assisting) during Franklyn's first US training. Anna graduated from Ray's 2nd Pre and Perinatal Foundation Training in the 90s and has since attended, hosted, assisted and co-facilitated with Ray in Womb Surround Process workshops. Ray and Anna have similar and complementary approaches to teaching. They co-lead a 5-module training for experienced bodyworkers they call: "Body into Being: Advanced Energetic Somatic Training".

This is Sandra's 3rd experience organizing an introductory craniosacral course with Anna. Sandra sat in on the closing circle where one of the participants stated "This should have been called 'Life 101', meaning it so profoundly affected her way of being with herself and others. Four people there were graduates of another RCST program and all stated they had learned, integrated so much. They were grateful. We've also been sending people to Anna and John Chitty's craniosacral and Polarity Therapy classes over decades and have heard consistent positive feedback.

Sandra Castellino interview with Anna from 2013, before the 2nd c/s introduction Sandra organized


Dates: February 16-20, 2016

Location: Ojai Valey Woman's Club, Ojai, CA

441 East Ojai Avenue, Ojai, CA, 85 miles from LAX 1.5-2 hours drive depending on traffic; 43 miles from SBA (Santa Barbara airport) 55 min-65 min depending on traffic.

Cost: $865/$750 with 3 possible discounts

Deposit required to hold your place

$105/$100 non-refundable deposit holds your place: $105 if paying via credit card or paypal, $100 if paying via cash, check or MO.

Three Possible Discounts Available

  • $50 discount if payment in full is received by January 15th (or postmarked by Jan 11, OR if signing up after Jan 15, if full payment is postmarked or paid with paypal/cc by the day after signing up.
  • $40 discount if all payments to Sandra Castellino are made in cash, check, or money order (rather than paypal or cc. [$35 discount if initial deposit of $105 is made with paypal or credit card and the balance is paid by check, cash or money order].
  • $25 discount if providing a massage table [you are gifted this discount if you are flying].

Payment Options

  • Make checks to “Sandra Castellino”, mail to Sandra at 1105 N Ontare Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.
  • Paypal address is Be sure to use 'commercial' for goods and services, NOT friends and family.
  • Credit cards: Call 805 687-2897 (phone is secure for messages) or write with last 4 digits if you have used that card recently.


Participants are responsible for their own meals.

The Women's Club is in downtown Ojai, a 5 min walk from Rainbow Bridge health food store and deli, 7 min walk in opposite direction from Hip Vegan Cafe, 5 min drive from Farmer and the Cook restaurant.


See 'logistics information' next to any Ojai Process workshop on this website under

Timing of the workshop

There will be a 1.5 hour lunch break each day

Day 1: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Day 2: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Day 3: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Day 4: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Day 5: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (this is a firm 3 pm; please make travel plans accordingly


Contact Sandra Castellino at or call 805 687-2897. Registration is closed with wait list only.

Prerequisites to applying

  • All applicants must be non-smokers and not use any other form of nicotine or be taking narcotic pain killers. A commitment to abstain from alcohol and recreational drugs starting the day before and during the workshop including breaks & evenings is required.

Information to Send with Payment (also email sandra a digital photo of yourself if you have not already done so)

  • Please send your name, professional or academic initials (MT, MA, LCSW, etc), address, phone(s), email, website, birthday, who referred you.