Papers and Videos by Dr. Castellino

Title Author Format Date Price
Being with Newborns Dr. Ray Castellino Paper 1995 $5.00 printed
$3.50 electronic
Dr. Castellino describes the evolution of the work that Dr. William Emerson, Franklyn Sills and he have developed. "Attention to the Newborn" and "Healing Betrayal" offer visual and auditory cues to tell if a baby has experienced unresolved trauma and practical suggestions for interacting with babies to support them in resolving the trauma.
The Polarity Therapy Paradigm Regarding Preconception, Prenatal and Birth Imprinting Dr. Ray Castellino Paper 1995 $10.00 printed
$7.00 electronic
An award winning paper from the American Polarity Therapy Association. It is a theoretical paper that offers foundation information for the pre- and peri-natal practitioners on the pre-conception, prenatal and birth influences on the primary energy systems of the body.
The Caregiver's Role In Birth and Newborn Self-Attachmennt Needs Dr. Ray Castellino Paper 1996 $10.00 printed
$7.50 electronic
Shows how adverse imprints from a baby's birth can affect the baby's ability to nurse as well as the attachment and bonding process between the baby and his/her parents. Two families' stories are told. Insights from Infant-Centered Family Therapy sessions in the BEBA clinic show how caregivers can help newborns and parents to resolve adverse impacts and thus facilitate nursing, bonding and attachment - keys to future healthy relationships.
The Stress Matrix: Implications for Prenatal and Birth Therapy Dr. Ray Castellino Paper 2000 $6.00 printed
$4.50 electronic
Discount of $2 if bought with the companion video.
Understanding the Stress Matrix and the different parts of the nervous system are useful tools for supporting clients to repattern and resolve trauma and shock imprinting. These help the practitioner perceive clients' leading edges and activations and thus know how to support them in accessing resources that allow healing connections within the psyche, nervous system and body. (Originally published in the APPPAH Journal for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health).
Supporting Successful Breastfeeding Dr. Ray Castellino Paper 2004 Free Download
The purpose of this article is to introduce new ways to establish nursing and supporting infant self-attachment needs. The article presents how we discovered babies' innate ability to find their own way to the breast, when placed on their mom's abdomen during the immediate post natal period. Clinical examples included are from home birth and establishing 1st time breast-feeding with a baby 6 weeks old. Practitioner skills to facilitate this process are presented. These basic skills are oriented to help practitioners develop their ability to center themselves and self-regulate, to have a somatic awareness of themselves and the client, and to be able to track rhythm, tempo and the very slow attunement rhythms that support optimal autonomic nervous system functioning.
The Castellino Prenatal and Birth Therapy Supervision Process Dr. Ray Castellino Paper 2011 Free Download
This paper discusses information that Ray Castellino developed for himself, trainees in the Castellino Prenatal and Birth Therapy Training, individual and group supervision clients, and staff at BEBA (Building and Enhancing Bonding and Attachment). It discusses what supervision is, why it is important on a personal and professional level, what might be covered in a supervision session, and some of the forms — individual, group, etc. — that it might take. It will present the structure for supervision that Ray uses for himself when he receives supervision and that he use with his supervisees. Key to this structure are the practitioner's process, the formulation of an intention for the session, and de-emphasizing story as the session's focal point.
Resourcing the Newborn and Family During the Process of Healing Birth Trauma Dr. Ray Castellino DVD Video 1995 $29.95
An excellent overview of the work. Taped at the Energy Medicine Conference, Ann Arbor, Michigan in June 1995 this 2 hr. 40 minute video presents unique segments of a Angelika's healing process over an eight month period with explanations by Dr. Castellino.
Santa Barbara Practitioner Talk / Healthy Living T.V. Show: "How Babies Heal" Dr. Ray Castellino DVD Video 1999 $19.95

Contains 2 segments:

  • a 50 minute introduction to Infant Centered Family Therapy given to the Santa Barbara, CA Holistic Health Practitioner's Association. Includes video segments of a baby's healing process.
  • A 60 minute local access television interview of Dr. Castellino and Susan Sonne, with clips of her daughter Angelika on the value of treating babies for pre-natal and birth trauma during their infancy.
Fetal Cranial Studies Dr. Ray Castellino DVD Video 1999 $29.95
Produced, directed, written and narrated by Dr. Raymond Castellino. Fetal Cranial movement patterns are shown with specially prepared disarticulated fetal cranial skulls belonging to Dr. Marc Pick, D.C. The video is designed to build a visualization library for cranial practitioners and prenatal and birth therapists. 24 minutes long.
An Introduction to Shock Imprinting and Prenatal Experience Dr. Ray Castellino DVD Video 2001 $29.95
Save $2: buy this and the Stress Matrix paper for $33.95
Companion lecture to the Stress Matrix paper, delivered during his training. Ray demonstrates four states of the stress matrix (quiet presence, active alert, fight/flight, leading edge), discusses dissociation and shock and shows how to identify these states with a client. 82 minutes long.
Vaginal Births, Birth Stages, Pelvic Shapes and Cranial Molding Dr. Ray Castellino DVD Video 2001 $29.95
Lecture delivered during his training. With images taken from the early x-ray research during labor by Caldwell, Malloy1(925-35), Dr Castellino shows the maternal pelvic shapes and the movement patterns of babies during birth. 80 minutes long.

Products by Students and Colleagues

Title Author Format Date Price
How To Make A Difference If Your Baby's Birth Was Traumatic Tara Blasco, Ph.D., RCST(R) Booklet   $5.00
No description available.
Coma Ayudar a tu Bebe Cuando su Nacimiento Fue Traumatico Tara Blasco, Ph.D., RCST® Booklet   $5.00
No description available.

Other Recommended Products

Title Author Format Date Price
Building Bonds With BEBA Cherie Rae Paper   Free Download
A delightful article by a BEBA mom about her experience in BEBA with her adoptive son Daniel. BEBA is a nonprofit family therapy clinic that was co-founded by Raymond Castellino. For more information, go to
What Babies Want Debby Takikawa DVD Video   $29.95
This timely film is about the profoundly important and sacred opportunity we have in bringing children into the world. Surprising and sometimes shocking, it challenges our beliefs about what infants are thinking and doing. It includes ground-breaking information on early development as well as appearances by the real experts: babies and their families.

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