Craniosacral Therapy Teachers

The following teachers offer a foundation 50-day course in bio-dynamic or fluid tide craniosacral work and have been approved to teach by CSTA-NA or who teach at schools approved by the CSTA-UK (CSTA-NA approves teachers; CSTA-UK approves schools). Many of these teachers offer introductory courses as well. In addition to being approved by a professional organization, they meet our own criteria which include:

  • Teacher must have open, respectful contracts with administrative organizers, assistants and students.
  • Teacher must use the appropriate number of qualified assistants (as defined by the CSTA-NA). These assistants, who must have graduated from the biodynamic training, must be consistent throughout the training.

The dates for trainers outside the US have not been updated:

  • John Chitty's August 3-7, 2016 in Boulder CO
  • Anna Chitty's February 16-20, 2016 in Ojai, CA
Name Address Phone
Anna Chitty, RPP, BCST, SEP, ABD
& John Chitty, RPE, BCST

Colorado School of Energy Studies
1721 Redwood Avenue
Boulder, CO 80304

(303) 443-9847

John offers an annual August 5-day introductory c/s workshop in Boulder, CO, the next being August 3-7, 2016.
Anna Chitty will be offering a 5-day Introduction to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapyin Ojai February 16-20, 2016 that Sandra Castellino is organizing. Contact Sandra directly about this.

John and Anna start full 10-module c/s trainings in Boulder, CO every October.

[Anna graduated from Ray's second Foundation Training and assisted numerous womb surrounds. She and Ray have co-facilitated two 5-module Advanced Energetic Bodywork Trainings: Body into Being, the first in 2013 in Boulder, CO, the second in 2015 in Ojai, CA]

Margaret Rosenau

5412 Idylwild Trail
Boulder, CO 80301

(303) 567-1412 land; (303) 507-3583 cell

Margaret travels to teach. Call for information

Margaret is not currently offering a full training.

[Margaret graduated from Ray's eighth Foundation Training and assisted 2 womb surrounds.]

Peggy Reynolds Olsen

2210 Encinitas Blvd, Suite T
Encinitas, CA 92024

(760) 809-7081

Peggy teaches in Encinitas, CA, near San Diego and Orange. The first module of her Foundation Training qualifies as a 5-day introductory CS course for our purposes. She will accept students wanting to take only the first module to meet our requirements, as well as those interested in her complete training.

[Peggy graduated from Ray's first Foundation Training and assisted the second]

Debra Bochinski

Christopher and Mary Louise Muller

12747 Rancho Heights Road
Pala, CA 92059

39582 Via Temprano
Murrieta, CA 92563

(760) 500-1281

(909) 677-0652

They offer 4 day intros and full trainings in San Diego and Maui. Mary Louise and Christopher also offer courses in Northern Italy.
Christopher also runs a health book / bones / skulls bookstore and carries or can find almost anything in the healing arts you may want.

Debra Bochinski often offers 4 day introductory workshops. This will fulfill our requirement if Debra certifies that you learned what is normally taught in a 5-day intro. If not, you can do private work to make up the difference.

Their next introductory class is February 10-13, 2016, in Temecula, CA.

See LifeShapes for more information.

[Debra graduated from Ray's first Foundation Training & assisted his 3rd; Mary Louise and Christopher took some process workshops and courses with Ray before he started his official training]

Kavi & Bhadrena Gemin (ICSB)



ICSB offers 7-day Introductions to the biodynamic approach of craniosacral therapy. They present full foundation trainings in Craniosacral Biodynamics and postgraudate courses in Europe, Canada, Asia and the Far East.

[both graduated from Ray's 9th Foundation Training in 2007, both are members of CSTA/NA, AITECS, IABT, and Cranio Suisse]

Gary Peterson


303 817-6189

Teaches a two-year cranialsacral training in the the SF area and in Ohio as well as supplementary and graduate level classes. Completion of his first module, which may be taken alone, fulfills our requirements for a 5-day introduction.

[Graduated from Ray's 8th Foundation Training in 2004]

Cherionna Menzam

Totnes, Devon

(323) 208-6937

Teaches graduate level c/s workshops with and without Franklyn Sills in the UK, Spain and sometimes the US and incorporates continuum style dance.

[Graduated from Ray's 8th Foundation Training in 2004, worked at BEBA for four years, and has assisted numerous process workshops]

Roger Gilcrist

P.O. Box 251
Nathrop, CO 81236

(970) 565-8801

Offers full trainings in Washington, D.C. and New York City. Offers numerous supplementary workshops in NY, DC, VA, Prague, CO. Authored & sells a videotape and companion book that are introductions to fluid tide c/s work for long distance learning. The first module of one of his trainings would meet our requirements.

Elizabeth Hammond

1223 Koko Head AVenue, Ste 7
Honolulu, HI 96816

(808) 392-5272

Offers intros and full trainings in Honolulu, on Oahu, HI;

[Elizabeth took process workshops with Ray]

Sharon Porter

26000 Avenida Aeropuerto #199
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

(949) 276-7443 land; (970) 946-4879 cell

Offers intros and full training in Colorado Springs, CO, Charlottesville, VA and the San Diego/LA area.

[Sharon took one process workshop with Ray]

Body Intelligence, multiple practitioners

trainings in the US include LA, SF and Minneapolis

Offer 1 day introductions and full 50-day trainings in 14 countries and 30 locations worldwide. See website for details of intros, full trainings and postgraduate activities near you including LA, SF & Minneapolis in the US. They offer a BCST and RCST. You can ask if you could take just module 1 to meet our minimum requirement.

Dominique DeGranges

Zurich, 8044


[graduated from Ray's UK training in 2001, assisted Ray's 9th Foundation Training ending 2007]

Claire Dolby

22, Swifts, Langford Budville
Wellington, Somerset, TA21 0RA


Either teaches or knows who teaches in UK, throughout Europe and in Australia. She teaches both the basic course and advanced courses in working with children.

Her next introductory class is scheduled for Jule 19-21, 2009, at the Karuna Institute in Devon.

[assisted Ray's Swiss & UK trainings]

The Institute of Craniosacral Studies

4 Ennerdale Road
Reading, RG2 7HH

44-11-8975 2801
44 7748 786281

Graham Kennedy, M.R.S.S., Valerie Kennedy, Matthew Appleton, and Liz Kalinowska, D.O, offer monthly 2 day intros and full 2 year trainings in both Surrey and Buckinghamshire, UK, starting each October plus a program of advanced courses each year.

Their next craniosacral training begins October 2010. Exact dates will be posted on their website as soon as they are available.

[Graham graduated from Ray's UK training in 2001]

Franklyn Sills

Karuna Institute, Natsworthy Manor
Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ137TR


Taught most of the people on this list. Has network of graduates who teach all over the world, does advanced c/s trainings for graduates in US and complete training in UK. Intros are usually 3 days. Wrote a 2-volume book on craniosacral work.

His latest introductory class was May 29-31, 2009, at the Karuna Institute in Devon.

Katherine Ukleja

Craniosacral Institute
Mill Rise, Ford Road
Bampton, Devon EX16 9LW


Offers short intros and full trainings in the UK.

[graduated from Ray's UK training in 2001]

Paul Vick
M.H.P.A. RCST®, Dip A.Ed.

Academy of Bio-Cranial Resonance
38 Brockley View, London, SE23 1SL

44 208 690-9933

Offers 5 day courses 'Essentials of CST', Full trainings and Post Graduate trainings in the UK, North America, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland.

Michael Kern
D.O., RCST®, M.I.Cr.A., N.D.

Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust
78 York Street
London, W1H 1DP


Michael starts trainings each October in London and offers regular Introductory Weekends. He is author of "Wisdom in the Body - The Craniosacral Approach to Essential Health" and has been a pioneering teacher of craniosacral biodynamics around the world.

His next introductory weekend is on September 20th/21st, 2009, and his next two-year practitioner training commences on October 21st-25th, 2009.

The teachers listed below offer courses that are longer than introductions but about half the length of a full c/s training approved by the CSTA-NA. Anyone who has completed their full course meets Ray's requirements for a 5-day introduction.

Beth Cachet
D.O., RCST®, M.I.Cr.A., N.D.

11416 Slater Avenue, NE #203
Kirkland, WA 98033

(425) 822-7781


Dennis Hertenstein

1212 Farmers Lane
Santa Rosa, CA 95405

(707) 829-7816

For Chiropractors only. Offers training of six 3-day 20 hour modules in S.F., CA, Minneapolis, MN, and Bristol, UK. CE credit for US, Canada & Europe through Palmer College of Chiropractic West. His complete training will satisfy Ray's requirement for a 5-day introduction.